What are people saying about VCV?

"I served my community for 25 years as a Firefighter / Paramedic with the City of Jacksonville. After retiring, the transition into the industry of insurance claims still allows me to help others in times of need after they have suffered an emergency related to their home or business. It’s very rewarding personally, plus the income is great and the flexibility to set my own schedule is perfect for me. Veterans Claim Victory is an excellent avenue that allows first responders to continue to give back and help others in need when it matters the most."
Brian "I am a former United States Marine, and I know how difficult it can be to transition from the military to a civilian career. I know the people at Veterans Claim Victory, and they truly aspire to help former service members and first responders make a successful transition into a civilian career that will give them independence, fulfillment, and a new expertise that will serve them well into the future."

"During my years as a Navy pilot I learned well the importance of preparation and a systems approach to problem avoidance and solutions. Entering the home inspection industry in 1994 it was that same approach that allowed our company to grow. Veterans Claim Victory is important to me in guiding those who have served to enter and excel at their next career."
Wally Conway

"I think what VCV is doing is a great idea. As a veteran, it makes me feel good that people are looking out for veterans."

"When I heard of this idea, I thought 'Why hasn't someone done this before'"